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The Best Alternatives for Google Search

facebook search people without logging in

Social Media Search Engines :

Google Search is known to be the top search engine, but what to do if you want to search some social media profile i.e like Twitter Profile or Facebook Profile, probably you need to think but why to think when you can read it below . Here are few techniques to Facebook search for people without logging in . These can be the best alternatives for the Google search engine .

facebook search people without logging in

Twitter Search :

Google these days started to index the Twitter handles , but not of all , if you want to search someone twitter profile here are some techniques to follow to find the twitter account .

  • Go to
  • Then enter the name of the profile you want to search , you will get the suggestions with the profile pic
  • If you think the profile you are searching is found then just start following that profile
  • Some times you cannot find it with name , so you need to have some specific details .

Now Lets discuss on how to Find Facebook profiles using Facebook search which is the best alternative for the Google Search ..

Facebook Search for People with out login :

So this method is to find on the way to find the profiles of the people without logging ie you need not have any profile on Facebook to search for the profile . Here is the procedure

  1. Go to or you can use facebook search bar
  2. Then enter the name of the profile
  3. You can find the details of the profile

You can find someone on Facebook without logging in

There are many other Social media search engines and also general search engine to find information the the web , We will keep informing you about this